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Creation series called New Beginnings is a stunning unique study of the beginning of Genesis.

What a great conversation starter!

Every painting is 255 x 255 x 40mm


Signed and ready to hang


My name is Isla Vincent and I live in the Marlborough Sounds in New Zealand.


I love being creative, and have been drawn to it for as long as I can remember. My art expresses my love of nature, my faith and my personal challenges and growth. I find it a useful vehicle to say what I cannot in words alone. I am interested in painting pictures that cause the viewer to consider something in greater depth, whether an object, a scene, or something more personally challenging.


I collect a number of images whilst in natural surroundings and those that capture my attention are reflected in my work. Sometimes a written or spoken word can inspire me too. I rarely sketch but tend to let the work take form in my mind over time, then I paint it using my images as a reference. I use simple strong imagery to convey my thoughts with oil paints as my preferred medium, predominantly utilising a natural, cooler pallet.



Having recently moved to a rural setting, I find myself now exploring concepts of change, courage and freedom. I am challenging myself to paint more emotively and intuitively, whilst still celebrating the beauty and detail of our natural flora and fauna.

‘New Beginnings’ set of 9 by Isla Vincent

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$1,100.00Sale Price