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Sorry it’s been a while…but just a quickie!

Lockdown came and went, Isla Vincent‘s opening night happened just in the nick of time, as we went down a level.

We nibbled on delectable treats and sipped wine, while soaking in Isla’s heavenly inspired artwork.

Where has the time gone?

last night a new exhibition from the WAI ladies was in the making.

A handful of strong Wahine who have all experienced domestic violence chatted excitedly about placement…..

WAI (womens art initiative) meets together in a secret location to create and blend stories through the artistic process. lives are intwine as secrets unwind as trust builds between the women.

How do I know this? (you may be thinking)

A very dear friend and I started this group over 4 years ago, myself as the facilitator and my friend as support in the group as she’s trained as a social worker.

Well tonight is WAI’s first full Art exhibition “Metamorphosis“

in the downstairs gallery. The opening is at 6.30pm and goes for an hour.

I can tell you it’s going to turn heads and provoke deep conversation.

This is one you really don’t wont to miss!

full steam ahead nearly time to get out of bed but first a quick 6.30am coffee brought in by my amazing hubby Dave. We have a deal between us for the last 28 years, coffee and toast for me during the week and a fully cooked breakfast for him on the weekend.

See you tonight!

Blessings Vonny🍃

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