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My Journey

I look back after 2 and a bit years and think, 'how on earth did I have the courage to start a new business, yet alone a gallery'?

The only answer is God, You may or may not know Him. Or be like me and think you do know Him, only to find yourself in a personal relationship with Him 20 or so yrs later.

I don't know where you are at, but I do know that He, "Poppa" (I affectionately call Him) is always full of surprises!

Of course I had my moments of doubt. I remember stealing my pastors chocolate bar - that she'd been saving all day for herself. I was in her office late one night pouring out my insecurities, freaking out at the thought of starting a business. She gently smiled and giggled while I consumed her chocolate and said "here sis", and gave me a business plan she had printed out.

While looking the chocky off my lips , licking at a detailed 6 page list of questions, (yes I was well on my way to crazyland already), I thought, 'I have no idea how to answer these'.

Crazy probably, but in my gut I just new with the lack of knowledge but a mustard seed of faith, that I had to do this or live a life wondering, 'what if'.

Can I say it's been a breeze? absolutely Not! but I can say it's been a wonderful, sometimes lonely and often hard road. But Oh so worth it.

I've met some cool peps along the way and still are meeting some of Marlborough's talented artist's and crafter's.

Just at the right time different people have journeyed with me. One of these is my "hippy friend" Karen who always dresses in a rhapsody of boho colours (you've probably seen her). I'm so thankful & grateful for friends like her. It seems I'm blessed with the right people at the right time who sow there time and talent into the fabric of the gallery walls. There are too many to mention, but you know who you are if your reading this.

I'm sitting at home in Waikawa pondering, 'where to from here? This is during another Lockdown, which I've enjoyed probably way too much, spending my days paintings and doing little else.

"New Beginnings" happens to be the name of the next exhibition that's booked for the 10th September yes that's next Friday. I'm not even sure we'll be out of LD but thankfully at Eden we are pretty flexible. I guess this is not unlike our new artist, Isla Vincent. I've just seen on Insta that's she's been using her mobile home as her studio. You have to be of a special character to do that...hats off to her husband - (mine wouldn't cope, that's for sure!)

So "New Beginnings", it is! One thing's for sure on this crazy journey - life is often full of colour, (and chocolate) and I wouldn't want it any other way.

Vonny Paul

Check out the "Gallery" page for the promo vid "New Beginnings".

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