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"A Good Day" by John Keith Reed

Original Oil on boxed canvas


1210mm x 910mm x 40mm


Presently at Return to Eden Gallery are a collection of original oils, this is one of his latest!

A great investment for any discerning Art Collector.


John Keith Reed DFA

Born in England and emigrating to Dunedin in 1954, Keith Reed attended school of Dunedin and when only sixteen held his first exhibition in which three quarters of the sixty works displayed were sold.


He moved to Christchurch in the early 1060s to attend the University of Canterbury School of Fine Arts, attaining his Diploma of Fine Arts in 1968. During this time, he held many exhibitions throughout the South Island.


In 1996 he was sponsored by Fisher’s Fine Arts of Christchurch to undertake a painting and study trip to England, France, the United States and Venice. As a result, his paintings now show a variety of influences inspired by this trip.


He is regarded as one of New Zealand’s leading watercolourists with works sold throughout Australasia and the United States.


His calendar series, depicting street scenes around the world are help by such notable persons as President Bill Clinton, N.Z Prime minister Helen Clark and Jenny Shipley and are displayed in numerous galleries in New Zealand and overseas.

‘A Good Day’ By JK Reed